When should you rush to the Emergency Dentist?

Suppose your tooth is aching, and the pain seems to exaggerate, affecting your routine. You experience dental trauma as a result of an accident. Or, you are chewing on your favourite candy and hear a loud crack inside your mouth; you might have chipped or cracked your teeth. What would you do under such situations? You might need emergency dentist in Epping to address the problem right away!

Dental emergencies are generally out of control. None of us know how and when it will strike. Sometimes they happen in the most inopportune times, such as in the middle of the night or while you are travelling. Looking for a reliable and best emergency dentist is an uphill battle.

Whether your dental emergency results due to an accident, because of chronic disease, or any other uncertainty, it is vital that you are aware of the necessary preventive steps before you find yourself in such crucial situations.

What is emergency dental care?

Dentists perform emergency treatment for patients who are suffering from severe dental trauma. These procedures focus on alleviating undesirable pain and saving damaged or lost teeth. Some dental issues addressed at dental clinic Epping include but are not limited to gum problem, teeth damage, and jaw damage. Depending on your dental problem, the procedure varies.

Severe uncontrollable pain:

Tooth pain especially that aggravates over time should not be ignored. Tooth ache is one of the most common types of dental problems. It happens to anyone at any age. In general, kids often suffer tooth pain as they take many sweets, which is bad for teeth. However, sweets might not be the only reason behind tooth pain. It can be something like an infection or tooth abscess, which, when left unattended, can lead to even tooth loss at the worst. If you can spot the cause of the pain, like a stuck food particle, remove it by flossing. If you are uncertain of what is giving you the toothache, rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water and visit your dentist Epping as the earliest.

Jaw pain:

Just like tooth pain, there can be reasons behind jaw pain. However, it is commonly attributed to people who are active in sports. Surprisingly even those who don’t play sports can still suffer TMJ pain. Teeth grinding is a medical condition where patients clench their teeth unconsciously. This can happen when they are asleep and difficult to manage, resulting in jaw pain. For jaw pain, you can apply ice packs on the affected area until you feel relaxed. If this doesn’t work, contact your dentist for pain-relieving medication.

Bleeding gums:

One of the leading causes behind bleeding gums is contact sports. Even people with mouth guards sometimes bleed upon an impact. Soft tissue injuries can be fatal if left unattended. Your gums will also bleed if you neglect cleaning your mouth thoroughly. So visit your dentist twice a year for professional cleaning. If you have bleeding gums bite down on a piece of clean gauze at the source of bleeding to stop the gush. Also, clean your mouth with lukewarm salt water to dry up the wound.

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